Target Wedding Registry + My Favorite Summer Adventure with The Boy

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If you know me, you know I love me some Target. So when they asked me to share my favorite summer trip with The Boy and a few of my favorite items for your summer travels, I jumped at the chance. Long time readers may remember that for our honeymoon, The Boy and I drove from San Antonio, Texas to Portland, Maine and back. And it was awesome! All that quiet car time together right at the start of our marriage could have spelled disaster but instead it was hugely bonding and lovely. We spent our time in silence, chatting about our surroundings, and holding hands.

We didn't plan much and that worked out perfectly for us as it allowed for spontanious side trips and experiences. I think for both of us, the best unplanned moment of our honeymoon road trip was an impromptu stop at the Civil Rights Museum in Birmingham, Alabama. We arrived very early on a week day so we practically had the entire place to ourselves which gave us time to really walk through and experience the entire museum. At it was powerful – I should have brought more tissues! The experience was also incredibly humbling… as was meeting several members of the Alabama Civil Rights movement who now volunteer at the museum. Really, truly amazing.

I'll tell you what though, on a more basic note, I'm so glad that we remembered to bring along a camera for photos like this Canon EOS Rebel T5I. I really wish that we'd thought to include a tablet in our Target Wedding registry so that we could have downloaded some documentaries and books recommended to us by the volunteers. It would have been great to enjoy them on the ride home.


August's ripe with the spirit of adventure, which makes it a top month for travel and weddings. And just like any trip, a marriage isn't about where you're going, it's about the unexpected experiences along the way that make it truly worth going the distance. This is why we want to show couples how their registry can help prepare for adventures big and small as they explore this amazing world together! How are you using your Target Wedding registry to enhance your relationship through travels? Use #TargetWedding to share your adventures on social media!