5 Ways my Family is Getting Healthy Together with iHerb

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// This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of iHerb. //
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I try my hardest to embrace and use organic and natural products as much as possible in my house and with my family. It makes me feel better about my contributions to the environment, my family, and my life when I do. With that in mind, I've tried to refocus my family on our efforts to live a healthier lifestyle by making small but significant changes to our habits and shopping. Does this sound like something you'd like for yourself and your family? Why don't you join me and read on to learn the 5 ways my family is getting healthy together with iHerb.

5 Ways my Family is Getting Healthy Together with iHerb #ad #iHerbFitForSummer

We're all in it together. Y'all know what it's like to try and make healthier choices when you're the only one doing it, right? It's rough. That's why my husband and I made the choice to do this journey together with our kids. If we can work together to make better choices for myself, then we can achieve our goals together while setting a good example for our two kids. That's why my husband and I decided to invest in this blender bottle, a protein shake, and these protein bars.

Drink lots of water. Water is the original natural lifestyle choice. It's clean eating at it's best. I've noticed that when my husband and I opt for water over sodas, that our entire well-being is better. Our skin is clearer, our eyes are less red, our heads less cloudy, and we sleep better. So drink it up!

Shop at iHerb for everything. I am busy. My husband is busy. We don't have the time to run all over town, looking for products that fit with our desire to live a more organic and natural lifestyle. I love that with iHerb, I can buy products for fitness, the baby, cleaning the house, and supplements all in one spot. YES! So easy and affordable! I loved how simple it was to find the products I was looking for (they carry over 35,000 products and ship to over 160 countries!) and checking out was a breeze. The items were shipped right to my door in a timely manner. I *heart* iHerb!

Establish a routine. I've noticed that my husband and I do better with making healthier choices when we have a routine in place. Having meals and snacks at roughly the same time every day, penciling time to work out, and trying to go to sleep at a set time helps us stay on track. For example, my little family always takes our Smarty Pants adult vitamins and kid's vitamin + fiber every morning after breakfast so that we never forget them (and it's not a hard thing to do since they taste delicious!). I even have mini packs for when we travel!

Look at labels. There are a lot of products out there claiming to be natural or organic but which ones can you trust? It can get confusing so I trust iHerb to do all that research for me. That way, all I need to do is shop their Google Trusted Store (their customer service team provides support in 10 different languages!) and I can save myself the time and stress of scouring the Internet for the right products.

5 Ways my Family is Getting Healthy Together with iHerb #ad #iHerbFitForSummer

iHerb is one of the world's largest online stores for natural products. They make shopping for natural products easy since they offer quality brands at great prices plus, you get fast and free shipping on orders of $20 or more. The Give 5% and Get %5 Rewards Program allows you to earn 5% for all referrals (new and existing) plus your referral gets 5% off their purchase.

5 Ways my Family is Getting Healthy Together with iHerb #ad #iHerbFitForSummer5 Ways my Family is Getting Healthy Together with iHerb #ad #iHerbFitForSummer

// This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of iHerb. //