Master Bathroom: We Gots a Door and a Window!

So, we’re getting to the point where The Boy and I have done enough remodeling in the Master Bathroom and we’re trucking right along (isn’t it weird how the super boring stuff [like structural] takes forever?) we’re tackling the door and window today. Specifically, we’re replacing the old ones with newer, prettier, and more energy efficient…

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Master Bathroom: The Shower Stall

Well, we are chugging right along on The Great Master Bathroom Remodel here. Now, it’s time to tackle the shower – THIS one: Oy. That was THE WORST THING EVER (I mean, after 9/11 and world hunger and stuff…). It was tiny and cramped and moldy (!) and dark. It also faced right into the sink…

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Be Weird. Be You.

// this post contains affiliate links which cost you nothing extra but allow me to help support my family. I received product for free to facilitate this post. // Now that I have a daughter, I find myself thinking a lot about the messages that I want her to hear from me. What do I…

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